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First Alert(R) SFA1180 Portable AM/FM Weather Radio with Alarm Clock • Receives instant 24-hour weather, marine forecast & SAME weather alerts;• Information broadcast by NOAA(R) on all 7 weather band frequencies;• 3 different color-coded alert indicators to indicate warning, watch & advisory;• AM/FM frequency synthesized digital tuner with 10 AM/FM presets;• Ultrabright LED flashlight;• Multifunction [...]

First Alert(R) SFA2650 Radio-Controlled Weather Station Alarm Clock with Wireless Sensor • Radio-controlled clock with WWVB;• Automatic time set up & DST update;• 3D weather symbols;• Displays time, date, weekday with indoor/outdoor temperature & humidity;• Alarm clock;• Snooze function;• Light button;• Weekday in 7 languages;• Time zone selection;• 99ft transmission range;• Station powered by 3 [...]

First Alert(R) SFA1135 Portable AM/FM Digital Weather Radio with SAME Weather Alert • Receives instant 24-hour weather, marine forecast & weather-alert information broadcasts on 7 weather-band frequencies;• SAME weather alert;• AM/FM digital tuner with presets;• Multifunction back-lit LCD display;• Digital volume control;• Built-in speaker;• Belt clip with flip-out stand;• Built-in antenna;