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La Crosse Technology(R) 308-1412S Color Weather Station • Color forecast station ;• Tendency indicator;• Indoor/outdoor temperature & humidity ;• deg F/deg C switchable ;• Clock & date ;• USB charging port;

La Crosse Technology(R) 308-1414B Wireless Color Forecast Station • Wirelessly monitors indoor/outdoor temperature ;• Sunny/partly sunny/cloudy/rainy/stormy/snowy color forecast icons;• Adjustable backlight;• Temperature alerts;• Atomic reception indicator;• Low-battery indicator;• Indoor temperature range: 32deg F-122deg F ;• Wireless outdoor temperature range: -40deg F-140deg F ;• Requires 3 AAA batteries & 2 AA batteries;

La Crosse Technology(R) EA-3010U Handheld Anemometer with Neck Strap • Displays current, maximum & average wind speeds ;• Measures wind speed in mph, km/h, m/s or knots ;• Also displays wind speed in Beaufort scale bar graph ;• Reports wind chill & temperature in deg F or deg C ;• Backlit with auto off feature;• [...]

La Crosse Technology(R) WT-5220U-IT-CBP Atomic Projection Alarm Clock with Indoor & Outdoor Temperature • Atomic time & date with manual setting;• Wirelessly monitors indoor/outdoor temperature;• Automatic focus of projection;• Automatically updates for Daylight Saving Time;• Perpetual calendar;• Time zone setting;• Time alarm with snooze;• Temperature range: 14.1deg F-139.8deg F indoor, -39.8deg F-139.8deg F outdoor;• Includes [...]

La Crosse Technology(R) 513-149 Indoor/Outdoor Thermometer & Atomic Clock • Wireless indoor/outdoor temperature with trend arrow;• Automatically updates for Daylight Saving Time;• Low-battery icon for clock & sensor;• Indoor temperature range: 32deg F-122deg F;• Outdoor temperature range: -4deg F-140deg F ;• Requires 2 AA alkaline batteries for receiver & 2 AA alkaline batteries for sensor;

La Crosse Technology(R) 616-143 Round Projection Thermometer • Projects time & outdoor temperature on wall or ceiling in easy-to-read numbers;• Projection & arm rotates ;• Adjustable projection focus;• Wireless in/out temperature;• 8 moon phase icons;• 12- & 24-hour clock with snooze alarm & alarm icon;• Calendar, month, day & date;• Sits on desktop or tabletop;• [...]

La Crosse Technology(R) WS-9133BK-IT-CBP Wireless Forecast Station • Wirelessly monitors indoor/outdoor temperature;• 12- & 24-hour clock;• Time alarm with snooze;• 3 weather icons indicate weather tendency, indoor/outdoor temperature & barometric tendency;• Wall mountable;

La Crosse Technology(R) 308-1711BL Wireless Weather Station • Wireless outdoor temperature range: -40deg F-140deg F (-40deg C-60deg C) ;• Indoor temperature range: 32deg F -122deg F (0deg C-50deg C) ;• Indoor/outdoor humidity (%RH) ;• 300ft wireless transmission range ;• Min/max temperature & humidity records ;• 6 moon-phase icons ;• Sensor signal-strength indicator ;• Temperature alerts–indoor [...]

La Crosse Technology(R) WS-9080U-IT-CBP Wireless Temperature Station • Wirelessly monitors indoor/outdoor temperatures & records min/max temperatures with time & date stamp ;• Atomic clock sets time automatically & adjusts for Daylight Saving Time ;• 12- & 24-hour clock ;• Requires 2 AA batteries & 2 AAA batteries;

La Crosse Technology(R) WS-9133T-IT-CBP Titanium Wireless Forecast Station • Weather forecasting function with 3 weather icons & weather tendency indicator ;• Wireless outdoor temperature range: -39.8deg F-139.8deg F (-39.9?C-59.9?C) ;• Indoor temperature range: 14.2?F-99.9?F (-9.9?C-37.8?C) ;• Min/max value of indoor & outdoor temperature ;• Barometric tendency arrow ;• 12-/24-hour time display ;• Manual time & [...]

La Crosse Technology(R) 308-179OR Wireless Weather Station • Large digit display ;• Wireless outdoor temperature with high & low temperature alarms ;• Indoor temperature with trend arrows ;• Clock with calendar;

La Crosse Technology(R) 308-1410GR Digital Indoor/Outdoor Thermometer • Wireless thermometer ;• Indoor/outdoor temperature ;• 12- & 24-hour clock ;• Low-battery indicator;

La Crosse Technology(R) WS-9009BK-IT-CBP Black Wireless Temperature Station • Wireless outdoor temperature (deg F) ;• Monitors indoor temperature (deg F) ;• Records min/max temperature ;• Low battery indicator for receiver & sensor ;• Wall hanging or freestanding ;• Outdoor temperature range: -19.9deg F-140deg F ;• Transmission range: 260ft ;• Receiver requires 2 AA alkaline batteries [...]

La Crosse Technology(R) 104-114 13.5″ Round Thermometer • Measures temperature;• Mounts indoor or outdoor;• Hangs on a screw or a nail;• 2 secret key hiding compartments on back to store spare keys;• Weatherproof;

Life+Gear LG02-60160-WHI 50-Lumen AR-Tech Flashlight & Lantern • 50 lumens LED tube lighting;• 5 light modes–LED flashlight, LED lantern, flashlight & flasher, red glow & safety flasher;• 24-hour run time in flashlight mode & 19-hour run time in lantern mode;• Water- & impact-resistant;• 360deg lighting ;• Advanced reflective technology;• Flashing mode turns on automatically when [...]