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Life+Gear LG567 Wings of Life Emergency Preparedness Backpack • Water-resistant;• Ergonomic design for children & adults;• Includes first aid kit, emergency blanket, all-weather poncho, hygiene kit, multifunction tool with knife, writing pad & pen, signaling mirror & whistle, directional compass, magnifying glass, leather/cloth gloves, respirator mask, red emergency flasher, waterproof document bag & 3-day supply [...]

Life+Gear LG492 Day Pack Emergency Survival Backpack Kit • Includes water-resistant backpack, first aid kit, directional compass, all-weather poncho, signaling mirror, writing pad & pen, waterproof document bag, thermal blanket, signaling whistle, 4-in-1 LED light, leather working gloves, respirator mask & hygiene kit;

Life+Gear 41-3820 130-Piece Dry Bag First Aid & Survival Kit • Waterproof design;• Lightweight & compact for easy transport;• Internal nylon pouch;• Ideal for daily use or camping, businesses, sports, schools & more;• Manufactured in a modern, sterile FDA-registered facility;• Includes PBD conforming bandage, abdominal pad, 8 alcohol pads, 4 disinfecting cleaning wipes, 2 gauze [...]

Life+Gear LG329 Life Essential 72-Hour Food & Water Kit • US Coast Guard approved 3-day supply of food & water;• Designed for 1 person;• 5-year shelf life;• Instant portability;• Thermal blanket captures 80% of body heat;• Includes thermal blanket, 6 water packets & 9 food bars;

Life+Gear AA35-60538-RED 250-Lumen Searchlight with Emergency Beacon • 250 lumens on high, 50 lumens on low;• Cree(R) LED technology;• Constructed with anodized aerospace aluminum;• Water- & impact-resistant;• 4 light modes–high, low, red safety signal & rescue beacon;• Includes 3 AAA batteries;

Life+Gear LG03-10161-CLE 80-Lumen AR-Tech Spotlight & Lantern • 80 lumens ;• 7 light modes–LED flashlight, lantern 1 & AR-Tech tube, lantern 2 & AR-Tech tube, flashlight & flasher, red glow & safety flasher;• 24-hour run time in flashlight mode & 30-hour run time in low lantern mode;• Water- & impact-resistant;• 360deg lighting ;• Advanced reflective [...]

Life+Gear LG38-60675-RED 120-Lumen Stormproof USB Crank Flashlight & Radio • 120 lumens on high, 10 lumens on low;• FM radio;• Emergency siren;• Charges USB devices;• Water-resistant (IPX7);• Crank or USB rechargeable;

Life+Gear 41-3819 88-Piece Quick Grab First Aid & Survival Kit • Waterproof design;• Contains basic essential first aid & survival items;• Ideal for home, campsite or car;• Waterproof pouch keeps contents dry;• Includes 10 plastic adhesive bandages, 5 plastic patch bandages, fabric knuckle bandage, fabric fingertip bandage, spot adhesive bandage, 2 gauze dressing pads, conforming [...]

Life+Gear BA38-60634-RED 150-Lumen Stormproof Path Light • 150 lumens on high, 15 lumens on low;• Dual button operation for front flashlight or down & back lighting;• Impact- & weather-resistant design with slip-resistant rubber grip;• 10-hour run time on high, 100-hour run time on low;• Includes 4 AA batteries;

Life+Gear BA38-60633-RED 120-Lumen Stormproof Signal Light • 120 lumens on high, 12 lumens on low;• High/low/red glow tail cap/red safety flasher;• Impact- & weather-resistant design with rubber grip;• Emergency whistle in tailcap;• 120-hour run time on low;• Includes 4 AA batteries;

Life+Gear AA38-60635-RED 25-Lumen Stormproof Power Failure Night-Light & Flashlight • 25 lumens;• Plug-in power failure flashlight with down lighting night-light;• Dusk-until-dawn night-light;• Flashlight can be pulled from wall to be used with a 6-hour run time on high or 20-hour run time on low;• Plug folds flat for comfortable grip flashlight;

Life+Gear LG447 60-Lumen Glow Lantern • 60 lumens ;• 3 modes–LED lantern, emergency flasher & night-light glow ;• 13-hour run time in lantern mode;• Impact- & water-resistant;• Collapsible hook;• Requires 4 AA batteries;