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Emergency Communications

AM/FM/Weather Radio with Flashlight

WeatherX(R) WR383R AM/FM/Weather Radio with Flashlight • AM/FM radio;• LED flashlight;• USB port for cellular phone, iPod(R) or iPhone(R) charging;• Solar charging panel;• Emergency siren & built-in thermometer;• Reading lamp;• Aux input;• Integrated speaker;• Dynamo hand crank;• Telescopic antenna;• Built-in rechargeable batteries;• Includes AC adapter ;• Requires 3 AA batteries;

WeatherX(R) WR182R WeatherX(R) Flashlight with AM/FM/Weather Radio • LED flashlight;• Lighting for any occasion;• AM/FM weather band radio ;• Keeps users informed of the latest NOAA(R) alerts & AM/FM programs;• Dynamo hand crank;• Includes cellular phone charger & DC battery power;