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Insect Trap

Zapplight(R) DZL Insect Trap • Multiposition for optimal success;• LED lantern illuminates outdoor spaces;• Octenol lure & UV-A light attracts bugs;

Zapplight(R) LED-ZAPP-RR LED Light Bulb & Sonic Rodent Repeller • 9W LED;• 600 lumens;• Repels up to 400 sq ft;• Silent to human ears & non-rodent pets;• Fits any basic light fixture;• 2 power modes–LED & repel or repel only;• Damp rated;• Medium base;

Zapplight(R) IKB-ZAPP 2-in-1 Insect Killer & LED Bulb • Attracts & kills mosquitoes & flying insects;• Ideal for indoor or outdoor use;• Zapper works with or without LED light being on;