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PIC(R) LED-RR Rodent Repeller LED Bulb • Repels rodents up to 440 sq ft;• Easy-to-use solution;• Safe around non-rodent pets;• No poisons or messy traps;• Ideal for sheds, garages, basements, pantries & barns;

PIC(R) MTK Housing Mouse Trap Kit • Indoor/outdoor mouse trap kit;• Housing hides mouse & trap;• No poisons or chemicals;• Simple set & effective;• Deep bait well;• Reusable ;• Safe around kids & pets;

PIC(R) PMT-2 Simple Mouse Trap • No poisons or chemicals;• Simple to set ;• Deep bait well for added effectiveness;• Reusable;

PIC(R) POMT Humane Catch-&-Release Mouse Trap • Indoor/outdoor;• Humane method of catching mice;• Safe around children & pets;• Reusable;

PIC(R) GRT2F Glue Rat Boards, 2 pk • 2 rat & mouse glue boards;• Super strong;• No springs, snaps or hurt fingers;• No poisons;• Easy disposal;

PIC(R) GT-2 Rat & Mouse Glue Trays, 2 pk • Large tray;• Nontoxic;• Disposable;• Ready to use;• Made in the USA;• 2 pk;

PIC(R) GMT2F Glue Mouse Boards, 2 pk • Contains 2 glue boards;• For apartments, homes, factories, mobile homes, boats, etc.;• Able to catch multiple rodents on 1 board;• No springs, no snaps, no hurt fingers;• Ready to use–no bait needed & no poisons;

PIC(R) MTW4INN Wood Mouse Traps, 4 pk • 4 pack ;• Durable metal tension spring;• Kiln-dried wood base;