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Emergency Communications

AM/FM Weather Crank Radio with USB

Sangean MMR-88 AM/FM Weather Crank Radio with USB • Receives all 7 NOAA(R) weather channels & reports;• 19 random preset stations;• Public alert-certified weather radio;• Powered by handcrank dynamo/solar panel/DC input ;• Micro USB-B input to recharge lithium battery;• Illumination lamp;• Charging LED indicator;• Weather-alert LED indicator;• Adjustable LED flashlight modes: high, low, blinking & [...]

Emergency Communications

Deluxe Emergency Crank Radio

Midland(R) ER310 Deluxe Emergency Crank Radio • Emergency crank radio;• 1,400 lumen extremely bright flashlight with Cree(R) LEDs;• Low/high flashlight brightness settings;• SOS flashlight beacon activates Morse code for emergency assistance;• NOAA(R) weather alert radio with alert;• Smartphone/tablet charger with USB connection;• Ultrasonic dog whistle to assist rescue teams in locating individuals during an emergency [...]

Emergency Communications

Emergency Crank Radio

Midland(R) ER210 Emergency Crank Radio • Emergency tri-power crank radio;• Includes rechargeable battery, hand crank dynamo, bright flashlight, NOAA(R) weather alert, solar charger, AM/FM radio & USB output to multiple devices;

Emergency Communications

Handcrank Emergency Radio

Sangean MMR-77 Handcrank Emergency Radio • AM/FM band;• Illumination lamp;• Charging & tuning LED indicators;• Water-resistant;• Emergency buzzer;• Built-in speaker;• Powered by dynamo, battery or AC power adapter;• Includes wrist strap & manual;

Life+Gear LG38-60675-RED 120-Lumen Stormproof USB Crank Flashlight & Radio • 120 lumens on high, 10 lumens on low;• FM radio;• Emergency siren;• Charges USB devices;• Water-resistant (IPX7);• Crank or USB rechargeable;