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Start your own survival products business. Sell the best wholesale survival gear by the top USA manufacturers and distributors. All brands are USA based. Access wholesale drop shippers and standard distributors quickly and effectively. Survival kit product data files are available in CSV format. We also build survival product websites. Call for a friendly quote (951)319-8485 Get a starter e-commerce website loaded with 100 survival & outdoor products for a fraction of what the big web firms charge. Start a survival products & outdoor products business for a very small outlay. Connect with our group of USA warehouses.  Offer your customers well respected brands of survival gear that people know and trust. Keep in mind, when faced with a disaster, you will need more than just food & shelter. Other survival products that will come in handy are: 2-way radios, CB radios, battery powered lights, camp fire products, tents, cots & sleeping bags, gun supplies, hunting supplies, lanterns, mosquito nets, medical & trauma kits, portable showers, portable toilets, propane stoves & signal lights. In the event of a natural disaster, being prepared is extremely important. Here at Survival Drop Ship we connect USA small businesses with USA based wholesale survival gear distributors & wholesale drop shippers. Our network of top quality distributors supply top level survival products such as backpack survival kits, bucket style survival kits, children’s survival kits, large duffel bag style survival kits, first aid kits, food & water kits, pet emergency kits, emergency roadside kits, batteries, food storage kits, tools, shelter & warmth products, light & communication products, & food storage buckets. Give us a call and we can discuss a plan of action for your business venture. Get ready to be happy. Welcome to SURVIVAL DROP SHIP!

This comprehensive first aid kit was designed to meet the needs of 25 people. It is packaged in a white metal case. It is perfect for indoor or outdoor storage. The durable case will protect its contents under demanding conditions. This kit contains the following: 30 Adhesive bandages (1” x 3”) 30 Adhesive bandages (3” [...]

Childrens Kits

Survival Mini SKMK

This compact survival kit is packed neatly into a durable travel size bag. It is perfect to keep in a desk, backpack, or glovebox. Hand-assembled in the USA. The kit includes the following: Food and Water: The food and water in this kit have a 5-year shelf life. 4 oz. Water Pouch 400-Calorie Food Bar [...]

First Aid Items

CPR Barrier FACP

This is a great addition to a first aid kit. This CPR barrier is lightweight and easy to use. Please note: While the packaging reads “Gloves and Alcohol Pad Included”, these only include the CPR barrier.

These portable sting relief pads are great to carry in your purse, wallet, survival (first aid) kit, glove box, or even your pocket. They help prevent infection of minor scrapes and offer temporary relief of itching from insect bites. You get 100 individual pads in each box.

The Medicinal Garden Preparedness Garden has been designed to help people meet their health needs in hard times when the family garden may well become the only resource for home remedies. Each bucket contains 10 medicinal herb seed varieties which have been packaged for long-term storage. These Seeds are Non-Hybrid, Non-GMO and are not chemically [...]

Wise Company Grab and Go Food Kits are perfect for any unplanned emergency. Our ready-made meals are packed in airtight NITROGEN PACKED Mylar pouches, and then encased in durable plastic containers. Each pouch contains 4 servings. This bucket has a 25 year shelf life. Includes: – Teriyaki and Rice (12 Servings) – Loaded Baked Potato [...]

Wise fruit buckets are packed in lock-in stacking buckets for compact and secure storage without the need of shelving and sealed in Mylar pouches. Each pouch contains 8 servings and has a 25 year shelf life. 12 buckets total Includes: – 24 pouches of Bananas (8 servings ea.) – 24 pouches of Peaches (8 servings [...]

Tram(R) 1120 Amateur Antenna, 144MHz-152MHz, Pretuned, NMO Mounting • No tuning;• Unity gain;• 1/4 wave;• 200W;• Chromed solid brass NMO mount;• Gold plated brass contact pin;• Stainless steel flexible whip;• 18 1/2″ tall;• VSWR < 1.5:1;• NMO mounting;• Mount sold separately;

Home Plus(R) 4PK-METAL-AB Ant Control, 4 pk • Starts killing within 24 hours;• Ideal for outdoor or indoor use;• Targets the queen & then the colony;• Child-resistant ;• Includes 4 food attractants;

PIC(R) C-10-12 Mosquito Repellent Coils, 10 pk • Repels mosquitos;• Each coil burns for 5 to 7 hours;• For best results, use outdoors in confined areas like tents, boats, gazebos & more;

All items are packed securely in our Deluxe Camouflage Backpack, which has extra space for personal items, a bright orange pullout flag, and gun straps to free your hands as you travel. Each item is in a waterproof bag and neatly organized in the backpack for easy access. Hand-assembled in the USA. The kit includes [...]

All items are packed securely in our Large Camo Wheel Bag. Individual components are placed in waterproof bags and neatly organized in the backpack for easy access. Hand-assembled in the USA. The kit includes the following: Food and Water: The food and water in this kit have a 5-year shelf life, and are meant to [...]